How does the reward system work?

At Portchester we acknowledge the achievements of students both in their studies and in extra curricular activities. 

The reward system for Years 7 - 11 is made up as shown below:

Subject Merits

These are the Merits given out by staff on a day to day basis, they fall under the effort categories:

•  Successful Learners.

•  Confident Learners (Individuals).

•  Responsible Citizens.

Tutor Merits

These Merits are awarded via stickers in Student Organisers, they should be given out every half term to reward students who are showing consistently good:

•  Attendance (over 95%).

•  Punctuality.

•  Behaviour.

•  Uniform.

•  Equipment.

Students collect their merits and work towards their Bronze, Silver and Gold badges, these are awarded each half term in celebration assembly.