Advice to parents on home schooling...

In this current climate a lot of people across the country are now in a situation where they are having to provide some form of home schooling for their children. 

We understand the prospect of this can be very daunting so here is some advice and some resources to support you. 

Remember all of our staff are also on the end of a computer to help remotely with work that the students have been set. 

Home Schooling Resources


Live PE Lessons with Joe Wicks

Live PE Lessons with Joe Wicks

Live PE Lessons with Joe Wicks

Everyday at 9am join in a live PE lesson! 

Or re-play it and do it after breakfast! 



Live PE Lessons with Joe Wicks

Live PE Lessons with Joe Wicks

Usually a pay for service, these great resources for every subject and every key stage are available for free to download. 


Pearson Books

Live PE Lessons with Joe Wicks

Pearson Books

These books are usually not available unless purchased. Every educational book is available as an electronic copy for free! 

Medical Information

For health and safety reasons, students are not allowed to carry their medication around school.  If your child requires any form of medication during the school day, please complete the medication form (link below). Once completed, please bring the form into reception with the medication.

All medication should be in the original packaging with the dispensary label on it.

If your child has asthma, they must carry an inhaler with them at all times.  An Asthma Care Plan must be completed annually with the parent and the Medical Co-ordinator in school.  A spare inhaler must be kept in the medical room.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please e-mail the Medical Co-ordinator, Mrs Grundy, on

If there are any changes to contact names, telephone numbers or to your child’s health, please e-mail our Administrative Support Leader, Mrs Tonks, on

This is vital so that the medical room can contact parents if your child is unwell or there is an emergency.

Transport Funding

Please find below the link to our website which provides information for parents who wish to apply for transport to school. Parents can complete an online application for new starters or alternatively they are able to print off a hard copy of the form to complete and return to us.

Applications should be submitted to the Passenger Transport Group as soon as possible. This is to allow time for the applications to be processed by the beginning of the autumn term. Applications receieved after the end of JUNE may be subject to delay. Parents will normally be notified of transport arrangements during the summer holidays. 

Contact Information

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