Key Stage Three

Key Stage 3 Art is taught across two years with students receiving a one hour lesson every week. The aim of Key Stage Three Art is to familiarise students with a range of art materials and techniques as well as exploring some of the diverse range of work from Art history and contemporary artists. 

In Year 7 the focus is on the formal elements of Art with short modules exploring line, tone, colour, texture and form. Each module makes reference to the work of an artist and how they apply that formal element to create their work.

In Year 8 students reflect on the skills explored in Year 7 to develop more personal responses to a project on symbolic masks, and Pop Art. More emphasis is placed on developing personal ideas and using the style of work from other artists and cultures to influence their own artwork.

Key Stage Four

GCSE Art and Design is taught as a three year course with students receiving five hours of teaching per fortnight. We currently follow the AQA Art and Design course.

In Year 9 students explore a diverse range of art techniques and influences to respond to the theme of ‘Light and Dark’. Ideas and responses are recorded in a sketchbook which will act as a reference for work in Years 10 and 11.

In Year 10 students begin their portfolio of work which will represent 60% of their final GCSE grade. This is started through a series of drawn and painted investigations into close ups of natural forms. These images are then used to develop a piece using combined images inspired by artists such as Philip Taafe and James Rosenquist. Students are encouraged to personalise their work through individual research and their own photography.

In Year 11 students complete their portfolio of work through a mock  examination project on the theme of ‘Messages’. This project culminates in December with a five hour session under examination conditions. 

From January until the start of May students work on their Externally Set Assignment from AQA. This project represents 40% of the final grade and culminates in 10 hours of controlled assessment time under exam conditions.

Students are required to work at least one hour a week as homework on their portfolio work. This can be completed by attending a weekly support session.

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