World Book Day 2020


The library was the hub of excitement as students eagerly arrived to see what the World Book Day books were this year.

The books included ‘Alex Rider Undercover’, Split, The Dog Man and ‘The Kissing Booth’.  

All students in years 7,8,9 and 10 were given a £1 book token which they can use at their favourite bookshop.

A quiz was given to every tutor group for them to try for fun and a copy of the World Book Day Social was also given to each student.  This was packed full of ideas and also included a competition to design a book token.

Reading is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children.  The power of reading opens up a world of adventure and mystery and allows our minds to use imagination in a way that will enhance our lives.  Reading not only takes us into another dimension but gives us knowledge we may not have access to in any other way.

Start and end the day with a book and open up a new world to explore!