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In Design and Technology students are encouraged to combine practical and technological skills with creative thinking to design and make products that meet human needs. Students will gain an understanding of current technologies in stimulating contexts, and strive to improve the quality of life through problem solving as individuals as well as in teams.

Design and Technology courses are suitable for imaginative and inquisitive students who are prepared to see a product progress from the initial stages through to the final design. Students will need to challenge existing concepts while considering the impact of new products on the world outside of the classroom.   

At Portchester Community School we provide a wide range of Design and Technology subjects which all develop confidence in using practical skills while encouraging students to become innovative designers. Within the department Electronic Products, Catering/Food, Graphic Products, Resistant Materials and Textiles are all delivered by specialist staff. 

In KS3 students sample three/four distinct areas within the Design and Technology department, rotating at regular intervals throughout the year. During this time students are encouraged to be open-minded, developing a wide range of skills and a sound knowledge of the topics covered. The diverse range of activities covered enables all students to build confidence and a passion for success, and all are encouraged to consider opting to study a Design and Technology subject to GCSE level, supported in their decision making by their subject staff.

In KS4 students who have opted for a Design and Technology subject work on a series of minor projects that help to build the skills that are needed for the Controlled Assessment Coursework major project, which runs for one year and forms 60% of the final GCSE Grade. Specific examination preparation topics are covered throughout KS4 to prepare the students for their final GCSE examination (40% of the final grade).  Electronic Products, Graphic Products, Resistant Materials and Textiles subjects use the AQA examination board, while GCSE Catering uses the WJEC examination board.

From ‘Vision to Provision in Design and Technology’

 Successful Learner – who enjoys learning, making at least good progress and achieving

  • Embracing the creativity of the subject and looking to challenge themselves to develop their skills and thinking
  • Take pride in their work – Is it as good as it can be? Does this reflect my true potential?
  • Able to work under pressure and confidently meeting deadlines, submitting work that reflects their best efforts
  • Resilient to the demands of the subject

Confident Individual – who is able to live a safe, healthy and fulfilled life

  • Prepared to take a risk without the fear of failure
  • Challenging pre-conceptions and thinking ‘outside of the box’
  • Able to draw on a wide range of knowledge, skills, techniques and materials to produce high-quality designing, theory and practical work
  • Building relationships with others that are based on mutual respect and which support all parties to further their learning and desire to succeed
  • Food and Nutrition encouraging and developing an understanding of the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Responsible Citizen – who makes a positive contribution to society

  • Clear links made to career paths and courses that can be studied following the completion of a GCSE D&T subject
  • Health and Safety and risk assessment put into practice across the department and respected by staff/students
  • Students putting their education before their social needs, balancing their lifestyle in order to be happy, healthy and successful
  • All students respect an individual’s rights, similarities and differences
  • Needs and wants of a client/target audience, social, cultural and moral issues integrated into learning
  • Environmental awareness developed, and the responsibility of individuals to care for the available resources highlighted

Subject Successes and Extra-Curricular Opportunities 2015 - 2017

  • A large number of GCSE extra-curricular sessions offered to students in Electronics, Food, Graphics, Resistant Materials and Textiles, with high uptake
  • GCSE Textiles students visited The Clothes Show Live in Birmingham, an event that proved to be immensely exciting, enjoyable and rewarding for all involved. This enhanced the creativity, drive and passion of the students, helping to motivate them to work towards achieving high GCSE Grades in Year 11
  • Highly successful Year 5 taster day sessions and Year 6 induction day lessons delivered to students from our feeder schools
  • Cross-curricular links have been forged to enable students to utilise a wide range of skills and techniques to create imaginative and high quality outcomes
  • A large number of groups of students have made use of the Food Technology resources to undertake enterprising baking ventures to help to raise money for a variety of charities
  • KS4 students across the department have regularly impressed staff with their enthusiasm and creativity, and practical work in particular has been of a very high quality during these academic years
  • New projects running in the modules across KS3 have proved to be motivating, relevant and successful in pushing all students to achieve success
  • Year 9 students have demonstrated fantastic skills and potential in preparation for the full GCSE courses, with Electronic Products students effectively programming circuits, Food students creating a range of professional dishes, Graphics students stencilling and screen printing their own T-shirt designs and Resistant Materials students experimenting with a wide range of materials including wood, metal, plastic and electronic components
  • A group of 15 students from all year groups spent the weekend of 9th and 10th July 2016 at Silverstone for the Formula One British Grand Prix weekend. Having visited for nine of the last eleven years, the experience has always proved to be immensely exciting, enjoyable and rewarding for all involved
  • Extremely positive moderator reports, praising the work of GCSE students in Graphics, Food and Resistant Materials

AQA Level 1/2 Technical Awards

First teaching September 2017

“Hands-on skills for the future”
“Practical qualifications to inspire and engage 14-16 year olds

The new Technical Awards give young learners a hands-on, practical approach to learning. With a greater focus on specialist skills, learners can concentrate on the area that they are really interested in. They will also gain valuable transferable skills in team-working and communication. Learners will develop the skills and knowledge to allow them to progress on to further education, employment or apprenticeships.

Technical Awards are vocational qualifications available for 14-16 year olds to take alongside their GCSEs. They will be a single award that is the equivalent to a GCSE qualification and will count towards performance tables. They can be included in Progress 8 as part of the non-Ebacc open group of subjects. There are no discount codes for studying more than one Technical Award.

Four Design & Technology Technical Awards can be offered to students:

  • Fashion & Textiles
  • Food & Catering
  • Materials Technology
  • Visual Communication

Technology Teaching Staff

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Mr S Woolrich Subject Leader for Technology, Graphics Teacher s.woolrich
Ms J Allen Graphics Teacher j.allen
Mrs S Kerens Food Technology Teacher s.kerens
Mr D Rogers Resistant Materials and Electronics Teacher

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Programme of Study 2017 KS4- click for larger view

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