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Science is about the study of the world and explaining observations, using appropriate methods to test theories and ideas.

Students study Science to help them to make sense of the world, how things work and interact and the impact of human activities. It also encourages them to understand new technologies and make critical assessments of current scientific issues in the media and in their lives. We aim to help students realise the importance of Science on an everyday level and how it is used in a variety of occupations. As they learn about Science students will develop a range of skills, including questioning techniques, teamwork, analytical, evaluative, communicative and experimental skills. Whenever possible lesson content will be framed in a way to demonstrate how it relates to technological developments, occupations and their everyday lives.

Students follow the Key Stage 3 National Curriculum in Years 7 and 8. Students commence their GCSE courses in Year 9.  Students currently in Years 9 and 10 follow the AQA Combined Science GCSE course, but a small number of selected students follow the separate Sciences pathway and complete the AQA Biology, Chemistry and Physics GCSE courses.  Current Year 11 students follow the AQA GCSE Science A and Additional Science courses with, again, a group of selected students completing the separate Sciences pathway.

Teaching Staff 

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 Miss L O'Neill  Subject Leader  


 Mr P Whelpton   Assistant Subject Leader


 Miss K Rogers   Science Teacher

 Mr J Lakin    Science Teacher


 Ms L Jenkins

 Science Teacher l.jenkins

 Mrs A Hodgson

 Science Teacher a.hodgson

 Mr M Harvey

 Science Teacher m.harvey

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