year 8 MFL students visit Global Campus event at Portsmouth University

“I enjoyed the Global Campus event. It was a great way to learn French, Basque, Italian, Chinese and British Sign Language.  Rather than reading or writing, we learned in a variety of ways; making crpes, trying new sports and tasting different foods. It was brilliant and I would recommend it to all!” Ben Hanley

On Friday 13th May, ten of our most dedicated Yr8 linguists were invited to attend the Global Campus event at Portsmouth University. This cultural event is run by international students studying at the University’s School of Languages and Area Studies and aims to enrich students’ understanding of international customs and cultures.  The students represented the school brilliantly and the feedback from them was overwhelmingly positive.

“The trip was fun! We made crêpes for the French session, and learned how to ask for different types of pizza in Italian. In our Chinese session, we prepared and tasted different Chinese teas.  British Sign Language was my favourite part as we learned how to sign to one another.” Gemma Littlefield