Year 9 Girls visit CEMAST

Year 9 Girls trip to CEMAST

This is a fantastic initiative run by Fareham College, at their CEMAST site, it encourages girls to consider engineering as a future career.  The programme was developed with the centre’s staff who delivered taster sessions, as well as providing a tour and a talk. This gave the participants a unique insight and provided information into what potential careers are associated with engineering, as well as helping them explore the opportunities that may be available to them when they leave school.  Key female engineers and alumni were at the event to talk about their experiences and career paths and the hope is that it has inspired young female students to choose this area of study post 16.

The aim was that the students who took part should gain in confidence as well as a greater understanding of the world of engineering, which will help inform them when making choices about their future. 

It was a very exciting venture for all the participants, see quotes below from some of the girls taking part:

  • “The CEMAST trip was fun and educational. It taught me a lot about engineering and also made me realise I could do engineering as well as boys. It also made me think about what I actually want to do in life. The people were very kind and helpful – thank you for taking me” – Yasmin Brewer
  • "Overall the experience was amazing! The staff and facilities at CEMAST are very advanced. The trip has given me a better understanding of engineering and how it works – it was very kind of the people at CEMAST to think of girls considering doing engineering in the future” – Nancy Lou Beard
  • “The CEMAST trip helped me understand the different types of engineering. I also now know it is not only for boys!” – Kacey Godden
  • “The CEMAST trip allowed me to work as a team more effectively. It was a great experience” – Heather Linter
  • “I found the trip interesting and learnt a lot about the different types of engineering that you can do. I learnt a lot and would like to do it again so that I can learn even more!” – Jessica Broadbridge
  • “I really liked going around and learning about things I wouldn’t usually learn. I will definitely look for jobs like they talked to us about and showed us!” – Willow Sykes
  • “It was a good learning experience and provided me with a lot of answers to questions I had. It was also helpful as it helps children consider what they want to do in the future” – Paris Grant
  • "I think the trip was fun and educational because it helped me understand different types of engineering with fun activities involved" - Katie Cullen