Year 7 Assembly - Presentation of Cheque for Aidan’s Activity Fund

Year 7 Charity Support - Aidan’s Activity Fund


Year 7 has decided to support the charity ‘Aidan’s Activity Fund’ and on Friday 3rd February, Alan Dabbs from the charity kindly came into school to speak to the Year 7 students in Assembly. The charity supports young people who have to attend Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham by providing fun and distracting activities for them. 

Alan explained about the charity which was established in memory of Aidan Outen, a young man who was diagnosed with a blood cancer called Burkitt’s Leukaemia at the age of 11. As Alan stated, “Aidan, like most 11 year old boys, enjoyed Dr Who, craft activities, Dr Who, fishing, The Boys Brigade, Dr Who, being with his friends, and did I mention Dr Who? During 12 months of aggressive treatment the only complaint Aidan ever made was "I'm bored", and when someone starts labelling parts of their body to confuse Dr's and Nurses, bored would be an understatement!” During time the family spent on the wards at Queen Alexandra Hospital they saw nurses and play staff bring items in from home and things they had paid for themselves to keep children entertained. The family didn’t think that it was fair to expect the staff to do this as they already work extremely hard, so they set up the charity in memory of Aidan to help lighten their load and help those children attending QA hospital. 

Aidan's Activity Fund feel it is important to give children something to do while stuck in hospital, and have decided to make it their mission to provide them with something to do. They plan on raising as much money as possible, and spending EVERY penny received on activities for the children's ward at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth. 

As you can see from the photo, Alan was presented with a cheque for £217.90 for Aidan’s Activity Fund. These funds were raised from the recent Non-uniform days. Year 7 will continue to support Aidan’s Activity Fund for the rest of this academic year and we will engage in further fundraising activities on their behalf. We hope you will agree that this local charity is much deserving of our support and strikes a chord with our Year 7 students, who are the same age as Aidan was when he was diagnosed with leukaemia. Similarly any parents and families who have had to attend QA hospital will understand how important activities that distract and entertain can be. 

Aidan’s Activity Fund have a facebook page that you can view if you wish to and please feel free to contact the Year 7 team at school should you wish to discuss ways to support the charity. 

Mr Adam Shaul

Head of Year 7