Year 10 Exchange Trip to Poland 7 - 14 May 2016


A group of seven Portchester Community School students took part in an International exchange to Świdnik in Poland. Our students joined other students from France, the Netherlands and the USA, where they were absorbed into Polish culture as they spent the week hosted by Polish families. Students took part in a number of cultural visits such as visiting the artistic town of Kaziermierz Dolny, and the historic city of Lublin and undertook workshops in sport, art and circus skills in the Polish school.

The visit also had leaning towards the darker side of Polish history and students visited the haunting remains of Majdanek Concentration Camp, the site of such atrocities in World War 2. This led to a fascinating debate into human rights and the different opinions of those from differing countries,  particularly focused around the refugee crisis and what can be done in the future.

The trip certainly opened our students' eyes about the travel opportunities that are available to them and some international friendships have been secured for the future. We look forward to welcoming our Polish friends to Portchester in the coming months.