Wonderful Evening of Celebration

This occasion was the awarding of Examination Certificates for the 2017 examination season along with recognising the outstanding successes of individuals in each year group. The certificates mark the significant achievements of students at Portchester Community School.  The certificates validate achievement to families, friends, Universities and employers.  Students will be asked to present them as evidence of achievement at key points in their lives and therefore should be kept safely. 

Our Chair of Governors, Mrs Denise Fletcher-Lance along with Mrs Gill Sommers from Fareham College, presented awards and spoke formally to students. Mrs Fletcher-Lance represents a strong Governing Body that has overseen the five year journey of our current leavers. 

Portchester Community School has served the community for well over 75 years. The school provides a solid foundation in terms of learning and wellbeing on which the students will continue to build in their further education, employment or training.  This year’s results have secured positive futures for them.