Sports Award Evening


The 8th annual Sports Award Evening took place on Wednesday 18th October, celebrating another year of fantastic sporting achievements at Portchester Community School.  Attended by over 160 students, all of whom had regularly attended an extra curricular club throughout the year, various awards were given out to students to recognise sporting successes and personal triumphs. 

The school was delighted to welcome Paralympian Lorraine Lambert to the evening. Lorraine competed in the 2016 Rio Paralympics, representing Team GB at shooting.  She gave an inspirational speech about how she became involved in Paralympic shooting and the sporting successes she has achieved so far.  She then answered questions from both students and staff attending the evening. Lorraine also brought along the rifle she used in Rio and her latest medals, including the gold medal she recently won when she was crowned the American National Champion. 

Students were thrilled to participate in a shooting competition, organised by Lorraine, using laser rifles supplied by British Shooting. The sharpest shooter of the evening, Ben Hanley, earned their table a tub of sweets to enjoy. 

For the second year in a row Fareham School of Gymnastics provided live sporting entertainment with a superb vaulting routine. Members of their squad performed a series of progressively more complex vaults to the delight of the watching audience.

A rematch took place between Mr Shaul and a member of the gymnastics club to see who had made the most progress in maintaining a handstand over the past year. Increasing his time by six seconds Mr Shaul looked in confident mood, with the club gymnast now needing to maintain a handstand for one minute and eight seconds to gain victory.  Encouraged by a supportive crowd the gymnast held his handstand for a remarkable one minute and twenty seconds to condemn Mr Shaul to a second successive defeat! 

A huge thank you to Lorraine and Fareham School of Gymnastics for attending the evening and making it a huge success! 

Congratulations to all our nominees, runners up and winners! 

This years winners: click here to view PDF version