Metameer School in The Netherlands visits PCS


On Thursday 12th May we were delighted to welcome our annual visitors from Metameer school in The Netherlands.  38 Year 9 students spent a day with us, taking in the sights of Portchester Castle, playing some wheelchair basketball and sharing some sessions with Portchester students where comparisons and contrasts between the education systems of the two countries were discussed.  Special thanks go to Mrs Buckingham, Mr Shaul,  Mrs Travers,  Miss Galan and Mr Cortes who is our languages assistant.  Thanks also to our students who as ever made our guests feel part of our school for the day.

Portchester Yr10 French and German students say ‘Welkom’ to visitors from Metameer, Holland.

On Thursday 12th May, students from Metameer School came to Portchester to learn about the area and our school.  We were split into groups and the Dutch students talked about their recent visit to London.  We also talked about the differences between the school systems in the UK and Holland and our leisure interests.

We were surprised by the number of differences between the school systems; they don’t have to wear school uniform, they have 5-7 lessons per day and they start a foreign language (English) as soon as they start school. This explains why their English is so good!  It was a really fun and interesting experience.” Sam Martin