MFL Trip to Cologne a Great Success

The recent Modern Foreign Languages trip to Cologne in France was a hugely enjoyable experience for all concerned with much being learned by everyone.

My journey to Germany, by Brandon Lovatt Yr8

Germany was really good fun! When we got the hostel it was nice and big and it was a good place to stay because there were a lot of things to do. And when we went to the Lindt chocolate factory, I learnt a lot of things and we got to try some chocolate!  We went up the Cologne cathedral tower and when we were at the top the view was amazing.  I bought some things at the Christmas markets.     

My German experience, by Alex Linter Yr8.

In my opinion the German trip was really fun and we had a great time. We had to get up at 4 o’clock so we could be at school for 5 o’clock. The first thing we did on Friday was visit the ‘love lock’ bridge which was amazing. Then we walked along the River Rhine to the Lindt chocolate museum and the harbour Christmas market outside. After that we went to Cologne cathedral - it has beautiful stone sculptures inside it.  Also there was a massive Christmas market right next to it.  The bad thing was you had to pay 50 or 70 cents to go to the toilet! Finally it was a ten hour journey back home.  

My trip to Cologne, by Max Fowler Yr8

The coach journey to Germany was fun and I got to go to four countries in one day! I had never been to France, Belgium, Holland or Germany before.  When we got there the hotel was very nice.  We went to two Christmas markets and they were amazing.  I climbed the steps to the top of the cathedral tower which was a scary but brilliant experience.  The Lindt chocolate museum was incredible; so much chocolate!  Overall it was an absolutely amazing trip and I would not change anything about it.