Congratulations Faith & Football Teams

Congratulations to Portchester Community School's two Faith & Football enterprise teams who have successfully completed the challenge which involved setting up a real company with a real product and a business plan.  The grand awards ceremony was held at Fratton Park's Victory Suite.

The Independent Chocolate Trading Company were very successful in marketing their delicious cakes and confectionery, while the Little Diamonds took many orders for their custom-made cushions and pillows.

A special award went to Emily Hensman of Year 11, who was part of the successful PCS team in 2015 and won a place at the Business Academy as a result.  She has given up a great deal of her time this year in mentoring this year's teams.

The certificates awarded to our students are testimony to their hard work and determination in completing this tough challenge, and will be invaluable in the future when presented to potential colleges and employers.


     Independent Chocolate Traders                                             Little Diamonds
Tom Andronik, Ben Hanley, Tyler Pitt,              Millie Foster, Taylor Bridgeford, Daisy Slater
Finnley Kenny                                                                 (not pictured Daisy Earwicker)