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Work Rest and Play in the Learning Resource Centre

Something for everyone to do before school, during break, lunch and after school.  Computers are available for homework, there are many books to read, with comfy beanbags to relax on, and board games to challenge your friends.

HAMPHIRE BOOK AWARDS 2016 VOTING - click for full story and photographs

Hampshire 'Mock' Book Awards 2016 School Library Service

Friday 15th July saw the final meeting for the Hampshire ‘Mock’ Book Award.  The students eagerly arrived and settled themselves on to the comfortable chairs and beanbags... click for full report.

School Library Service

The School Library Service recommend books to students making the move from year 6 to year 7 and beyond.  This year the list is very exciting and many of the titles recommended can be found in our school library - see photos in the Gallery above.

How to Speak Spook (and Stay Alive) by Ally Kennen is a fast moving adventure and very popular with all our students.  Basketball Hero by Shamini Flint and Red Card by Alan Combes are great books covering the theme of sport.  They appeal to both male and female students, especially Red Card which has a girl referee! The Boy who sailed the Ocean in an Armchair, by Lara Williamson, is a mystery that Becket and his brother set out to solve.

These are just a few of the exciting books we can offer for students to enjoy.  Books can be reserved if they are on loan.

More Lunchtime Activities in the LRC

Students enjoy a variety of activities in the library during lunchtime break.  Card games have now joined the other popular games such as chess and battleships. Playing cards is not only enjoyable, but also enhances maths, number and memory skills.

'YOU' Decide!

The library has a huge selection of books where 'YOU' are the hero!  'YOU' decide what happens and how the story unfolds in each exciting book.

In the Fighting Fantasy series by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, 'YOU' decide which route to take, which dangers to risk and which creatures to fight.

Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore have written a selection of books in the 'I Hero' series where 'YOU' decide your own destiny, but WILL YOU MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES?

Simon Chapman has also written a brilliant book called Virus Outbreak, where again 'YOU' choose if you live or die. Alien Invasion is another of his interactive adventure books.

Solve the puzzles and choose which way to go in the books by Patrick Burston. We have 3 books in this series, The Castle of Fear, The Planet of Terror and the Fairground of Dread. Each book is very well illustrated. 

Year 7 'Mock' Hampshire Book Awards

Mrs Day has  launched the Year 7 'mock' Hampshire Book Award in the library.

Ten year 7 students have been asked to read and analyse four books which were part of the Hampshire Book Award 2015 short list. The students will have regular meetings with 5 year 9 students, Harry Hooper, Rebekah Richer, Harry Findley, Mackenzie Franklin, Isobel Haly, who took part in the Hampshire Book Award in 2015. They will discuss each book and when all 4 books have been read, the year 7 students will vote for their favourite.

The books they are reading are: Lockwood and Co, The Screaming Staircase, Thirteen, The Last Minute, Counting By Sevens.
The year 7 students are: Niamh Clarke, Tom Hughes, Jess Fenn, Oscar Wood, Isablla McCance, Leon Richards, Emma Albury, Bethany Adaway, Jamie Pugh and Tyler Pattison. 

Harry Potter in the LRC

Another very successful lunchtime event was held in the library today.  Harry Potter was our theme and many students enjoyed watching the DVD of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
There are also a range of Harry Potter books available for the students to borrow, including Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen and also Harry Potter y la piedra filosofa!  These books in German and Spanish are very popular and challenge our students to tackle a popular book written in a different language.

Dr Who Experience

There was a Dr Who experience in the LRC at lunchtime today.  The episode 'Silence in the Library' was shown. Edward Richardson also brought in a Dr Who DVD  and a large assortment of Dr Who books were on show. 

Students also used the LRC for their homework and then watched Dr Who once their homework was completed.

Next Wednesday we are hoping to have a Harry Potter experience! 

May the Fourth be with you!

Students flocked to the library during lunch time today - May the Fourth! - to see our many interesting Star Wars books and DVDs.

They then watched a Star Wars DVD and chatted about who was their favourite character.


Hampshire Book Award 2016 is Launched - click for full story and photographs

World Book Day Thursday 3rd March 2016


Everyone in the school, Students and Staff alike, stopped what they were doing at 12.40pm and read a book for 20 minutes.  The gallery of pictures above show several Year 8 students reading in the Library, in one photo you will see Valerie Agar, a Governor, reading with one of them.  Valerie comes into school regularly to read with students of all age groups. 

Hampshire Book Award - 12th November 2015


Please click here to read Students' accounts of this very exciting occasion.