staff list - september 2016

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Name Job Title Email Address
Mrs J Alberts Receptionist (Mornings) j.alberts
Mr G. Alder Site Manager g.alder
Miss J Allen Technology Teacher j.allen
Mr N Barrett Mathematics Teacher/Year Leader for Year 11 n.barrett
Mrs D Bennett Learning Support Assistant/Physiotherapy Support d.bennett
Mr D Bohannan Mathematics Teacher d.bohannan
Mrs Y Boxall Personnel Services Leader y.boxall
Mrs C Buckingham Subject Leader for History c.buckingham
Mrs J Budd Higher Level Teaching Assistant j.budd
Mrs K Budd Subject Leader for Drama k.budd
Miss V Bull Science Technician v.bull
Ms J Burchell Media Teacher j.burchell
Mrs R Burke Learning Support Assistant r.burke
Mrs C Caig Community Receptionist (Evenings) c.caig
Mrs J Cain Learning Support Assistant j.cain
Mrs K Callacher Learning Support Assistant/PD Support (Maternity Cover) k.callacher
Miss S Callacher Mathematics Teacher/PD Support (Maternity Leave) s.callacher
Mr R Carlyle Headteacher j.earl
Mr G Clark Site Assistant g.clark
Mr N Cousins Assistant Headteacher n.cousins
Mrs V Cowan Clerical Assistant/Reprographics v.cowan
Mrs J Cox Technology Technician j.cox
Mrs M Day Senior Library Assistant
Mrs A De-Ste-Croix Student Receptionist/Attendance Officer
Ms K Domican Pastoral Assistant for Year 7 k.domican
Mrs J Earl Headteacher's PA j.earl
Mrs C Eckworth Subject Leader for Mathematics d.eckworth
Mrs A Elliott Learning Support Assistant a.elliott
Mrs S Ford Learning Support Assistant
Mrs L Fowles Assistant Subject Leader for Mathematics l.fowles
Mrs A Freeman Higher Level Teaching Assistant a.freeman
Miss A Galan Modern Foreign Languages Teacher a.galan
Mrs T Gee Qualifications Co-ordinator t.gee
Mrs N Glassock Administrative Officer Finance n.glassock
Mrs J Grant Learning Support Assistant j.grant
Mr P Grant Subject Leader for Creative Arts p.grant
Mr C Grove History Teacher c.grove
Mrs J Grundy Medical Co-ordinator j.grundy
Miss J Grundy Learning Support Assistant j.grundy3
Mrs N Harling Cover Supervisor n.harling
Mr J Harvey Deputy Headteacher j.harvey
Mr M Harvey Science Teacher m.harvey
Mr S Harvey Business Manager/Assistant Headteacher s.harvey
Ms A Haynes Learning Support Assistant a.haynes
Mrs H Higgs Administrative Support Leader h.higgs
Mrs J Higgs Speech, Language and Communication Co-ordinator j.higgs
Mrs A Hodgson Science Teacher a.hodgson
Mrs T Holmes Senior Science Technician t.holmes
Mrs A Hopwood Data Administrator/SEN Clerical Support a.hopwood
Mrs J Iredale Cover Supervisor j.iredale
Mr C James Mathematics Teacher/Year Leader for Year 10 c.james
Miss L Jenkins SENCo/Science Teacher l.jenkins
Miss K Kennard Mathematics Teacher/Year Leader for Year 8 k.kennard
Mrs S Kerens Technology Teacher s.kerens
Mrs K Kingston Learning Support Assistant/Medical Support k.kingston
Mr J Lakin Science Teacher j.lakin
Mr R Leece Subject Leader for Information Communication Technology r.leece
Mrs K Lewry Mathematics Teacher k.lewry
Ms C Liano Wellbeing Support Assistant c.liano
Mrs C Line Learning Support Assistant c.line
Mrs B Linfield Careers Support/Student Reception b.linfield
Miss B Lloyd Art Teacher b.lloyd
Miss A Lovegrove Learning Support Assistant a.lovegrove
Mrs J Madgwick Senior Finance Manager j.madgwick
Mrs A Mardlin Subject Leader for Humanities a.mardlin
Miss J Martin Learning Support Assistant j.martin
Mrs C McFarlane Learning Support Assistant c.stacey
Ms C McKeeman Assistant Headteacher c.mckeeman
Mrs J McMaster Assistant Headteacher j.mcmaster
Miss R Meaney Geography Teacher r.meaney
Mrs C Mertens Deputy Community Leader c.mertens
Miss C Moore PE Teacher c.moore
Mrs M Mudge Pastoral Assistant for Year 8 and Year 10 m.mudge
Ms R Mullen English Teacher r.mullen
Mrs C Murphy Community Secretary/School Clerical Assistant c.murphy
Ms N Nesbitt Modern Foreign Languages Teacher n.nesbitt
Mr D Nicholls Learning Support Assistant d.nicholls
Miss L O'Neill Subject Leader for Science l.oneill
Mr S Papageorgiou Learning Support Assistant s.papageorgiou
Miss T Parkin Pastoral Assistant for Year 9 and Year 11 t.parkin
Miss J Petrie Learning Support Assistant/Physiotherapy Support j.petrie
Ms F Ramsey Learning Support Assistant f.ramsey
Miss L Redfern Community Leader l.redfern
Mrs J Rixon Physical Education/English Teacher/Year Leader for Year 9 j.rixon
Mrs M Robbins Learning Support Assistant m.robbins
Miss J Robinson English Teacher j.robinson
Mr D Rogers Technology Teacher
Miss K Rogers Science Teacher
Mrs L Rogers Learning Support Assistant
Mrs P Ryder English Teacher p.ryder
Mr A Shaul Physical Education Teacher/Year Leader for Year 7 a.shaul
Miss K Shaw Subject Leader for Citizenship and RE/Health and Social Care Teacher
Mrs G Sinclair Subject Leader for Media and English Teacher g.sinclair
Mr D Smith Subject Leader for Physical Education d.smith
Mr M Thompson Counsellor m.thompson
Mrs L Travers Subject Leader for Modern Foreign Languages l.travers
Mrs C Turp Community Receptionist (Evenings) c.turp
Miss H Vernon English Teacher h.vernon
Miss T Watson Learning Support Assistan t.watson
Mr T Webb Subject Leader for Music t.webb
Mr P Whelpton Assistant Subject Leader for Science p.whelpton
Mrs A Whitefield Learning Support Assistant a.whitefield
Mr T Wood Subject Leader for English t.wood
Miss J Woolcock Learning Support Assistant j.woolcock
Mr S Woolrich Subject Leader for Technology s.woolrich
Mrs P Wraith Receptionist (Afternoons) p.wraith
Mrs P Wright Learning Support Assistant/Physiotherapy Co-ordinator p.wright