Special Needs

Learning Support Department

The Learning Support Department supports students in a wide variety of ways. We provide the support needed to enable all students to access the whole curriculum and extra curricular activities.

We work in close partnership with primary schools, identifying needs as early as possible, so vulnerable students can be offered the opportunity to take part in special induction programmes to aid transition to secondary school.

Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) fulfil a number of roles from ensuring curriculum access in the classroom, aiding students with mobility and care needs to withdrawing students in small groups for individualised focused learning.

Students who require physiotherapy are able to receive this in our fully equipped physiotherapy room; this along with other outside agencies running clinics onsite reduces the amount of time students miss from school.

Once students choose their options they may be offered a variety of alternatives to personalise their timetables to suit their level and individual needs.

For students who find it difficult to complete homework a club is available at lunchtime and after school, where they can have help to complete the work.

For students with handwriting or physical difficulties alphasmarts (word processors) can be borrowed.

Department Staff include 

Mrs K Brown: SENCO   k.brown@portchester.hants.sch.uk

Mrs J Budd: Higher Level Teaching Assistant   j.budd@portchester.hants.sch.uk
Mrs A Freeman:Higher Level Teaching Assistant   a.freeman@portchester.hants.sch.uk

Mrs F Povey:  Physiotherapy Coordinator    f.povey@portchester.hants.sch.uk
Mrs C Liano and Mrs J Barker:  Wellbeing Assistants
    c.liano@portchester.hants.sch.uk, j.barker@portchester.hants.sch.uk

A large number of LSAs