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Year 10 Reading Club - Harry Hooper, Harry Findley, Rebekah Richer, Mackenzie Franklin and Isobel Haly Meeting in the LRC on 12th January 2017 - click on picture for full story

The Portchester Book Award year 10 students met in the library on 12/1/18 to discuss the authors, Jodi Picoult, Andy McNab, Robert Muchamore, Sue Limb, Harlan Coben and Louise Rennison. Click on picture to read full story.

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World Book Day March 2017 - Book Recommendations

Parents' Bookfinder - World Book Day

Parents’ Bookfinder. Wondering what to read next? Find lots of great book recommendations for children, organised by age range and popular themes.

 Book Recommendations for Teens - World Book Day

World Book Day 2017 Video for Teens; What Will You Be Doing on World Book Day? Books That Changed Writers’ Lives; Book Recommendations for Teens


Meeting of Year 9 Portchester Book Award

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PORTCHESTER BOOK AWARD MEETING YEAR 9 6TH DECEMBER 2017 A very good meeting was held in the library by Mrs Day with the year 9 PBA group. ‘Wonder’ by R J Palacio has already been read by Jess Fenn, Isabella McCance and Niamh Clarke. They all thought the book was inspiring and engaging and would recommend it. Leon Richards and Oscar Wood were reading ‘Now is the Time for Running’ by Michael Williams. They both felt this book was ‘hard going’ and rather boring. Alfie Rose was the only one in the group who was reading ‘The Girl of Ink & Stars’ by Kiran Millwood Hargrave and also ‘Kick’ by Mitch Johnson. After a 30 minute debate about the books they have read so far, we discussed the film ‘Wonder’ which is in the cinema and tried to decide if we thought it would reflect the book. As there were still several minutes left at the end of the meeting, Oscar read ‘Star Wars, What is a Wookiee?’ to us. Although the book was a short, easy reading book, it was very thought provoking and lead to a discussion about how the book was illustrated to enhance the story. Another meeting will take place in January 2018.

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Launch of Portchester School's Year 9 Book Award

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The first meeting took place in the library on Wednesday 15th November 2017 with a group of year 9 students who will evaluate 4 new books during the next 2 months. Isabella McCance. Leon Richards, Oscar Wood, Jessica Fenn, Niamh Clarke and Alfie Rose have been chosen to read the thought provoking books. Kick, is the debut book of Mitch Johnson and is about a boy called Budi who has dreams of leaving the mundane factory work behind and becoming a star….playing for the greatest football team on earth! Now is the Time for Running is written by Michael Williams and is set in Zimbabwe. The story takes the reader through the difficult journey of 2 boys when the soldiers arrive and their home is destroyed. Wonder is a book which is about bullying by R J Palacio. August, or Auggie as he is known, is only 10 years old and feels like any other 10 year old. He wants to eat ice cream and play on his Xbox, but he has a terrible facial abnormality and is dreading school and how the other children will react to him. Will he be accepted? The Girl of Ink & Stars by Kiran Millwood Hargrave is another new book. This one is about Isabella who is forbidden to leave her island but dreams of the faraway lands her father once mapped… but then her best friend disappears and she joins the search party using an ancient map… but where will this lead her? The group will meet to discuss the books on a regular basis until the voting take place in January 2018 Mrs M Day

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Portchester Book Awards 9/6/17.

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On the afternoon of June 9th a very pleasant time was had by all who attended the year 7 group meeting for the Portchester Book Awards. The books they are reading are, “Looking at the Stars” by J Cotterill, “Smart” by K Slater, “Boundless” by K Oppel and “Apple and Rain” by S Crossman. The group today included Hannah Collier, Lucas Wintle, Darryn Stares, Katie Egan, Maddison Tait, Lauren Jones and Brooke Mackie. Emily Richards, Taylor-Jayne Rowe, Katie Couper and Keira Turner are also part of the group but were unable to attend the meeting. The group met and had a very good debate as to which book they prefer so far. It seems that Smart is very popular and so is Apple and Rain. It will be very interesting to see who wins the final vote in a few weeks’ time.

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Launch of Portchester School's Year 10 Book Award

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YEAR 10 MEETING FOR PORTCHESTER BOOK AWARD 2018 The first year 10 meeting was held in the library by Mrs Day to launch the Portchester Book Award. Eight enthusiastic students, Ben Hanley, Lucy Hackett, Emily Harbour, Elizabeth Butters, Heather Linter, Molly Cook, Ebony Winning and Amy Stokes will choose 4 authors and read their books. They will then give marks out of 40 depending on how compelling, readable, focused and flowing the books are and also on how the author has written the book. The authors chosen are:- Jodi Picoult. Andy McNab, Robert Muchamore, Sue Limb. Harlan Coben and Louise Rennison. The idea of choosing authors rather than choosing the actual book, means that the year 10 students will have more control over which books they read and will have a wider range to explore.

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Dr Who Experience in the LRC

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There was a Dr Who experience one lunchtime in the LRC. The episode ‘Silence in the Library’ was shown. Edward Richardson also brought in a Dr Who DVD, and a large assortment of Dr Who books were on Display. Students also used the LRC for their homework and then watched a Dr Who episode once their homework was completed.

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World Book Day 2nd March 2017

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World Book Day is an annual celebration of authors, illustrators, books and (most importantly) it’s a celebration of reading. In fact, it’s the biggest celebration of its kind, designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading, and marked in over 100 countries all over the world. The main aim of World Book Day is to encourage children to explore the pleasures of books and reading. KS3 students have been given a World Book Day voucher that they can take to a local bookseller and can use to pick one of ten (exclusive, new and completely free) books. Or, if they’d rather, they can use it to get £1 off any book or audio book costing over £2.99 at a participating bookshop or book club. On 2nd March the whole school stopped in its tracks to Drop Everything And Read: very happily, as you can see from the photos! We had students come over to the LRC from the Nursery to be read to by some of our Y1 students and held a book sale in the Hall during break time and lunchtime to give everyone a chance to bag a bargain read. Some of our Y10 students took a key role in this. We are very proud of their superb efforts and thank them for helping us to make a difference. Recommendations can be found on

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Portchester Book Awards Voting Day 29/6/17

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Students from years 7 and 8 have been eagerly reading a selection of books. They have been supported by a group of year 9 students who were previously involved with the Hampshire Book Award. Year 7 students read:- Looking At The Stars, Smart, Boundless and the winner which was Apple and Rain by Sarah Crossman Year 8 students read:- Day Of The Assassins, Half Brother, Winterkill and the winner which was Devil You Know by Cathy Macphail. The students all met together on Thursday 29th June during the afternoon. Refreshments were provided by Mrs Day and Mrs Buckingham as the students debated amongst themselves which was the best book and why. They then voted. At the end of the session and after the winning books had been announced, the students wrote a review and were then given certificates. Well done to: Year 7 - Emily Richards, Taylor-Jayne Rowe, Hannah Collier, Lucas Wintle, Darryn Stares, Katie Couper, Katie Egan, Maddison Tait, Keira Turner, Lauren Jones and Brooke Mackie Year 8 – Tyler Pattison, Niamh Clarke, Tom Hughes, Jess Fenn, Oscar Wood, Isabella McCance, Leon Richards, Emma Albury, Bethany Adaway and Jamie Pugh. Year 9 mentors – Lewis Rosine, Ben Hanley, Emily Harbour and Elizabeth Butters.

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New Captain Underpants books have arrived in the library!

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Captain Underpants are very popular books written by Dav Pilkey. We have just purchased over a dozen different titles for students to enjoy and borrow from the library.

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Lunchtime Activities in the Library 4th October 2017

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The library was a buzz of activity today as students eagerly came in to play snakes and ladders, scrabble and cards, whilst others completed homework, chose books and relaxed with a good read! Trivia questions were being asked by Ashley Boness. Aidan McCue and Matthew Quick became very competitive.

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Open Evening 2017 in the LRC

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The library was buzzing with enthusiastic parents and children all evening. They were welcomed by 4 of our helpful students, Anthony Whelan, Riley Jennings, Alfie Rose and Reuban Ord. Riley arranged books so that displays looked interesting, Alfie and Reuban introduced themselves to the parents and talked to them about the library and Anthony challenged visitors to a game of chess or draughts. Snakes and ladders was a big hit with everyone too. The visitors collected library stickers for their trail map.

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Homework Club in the Library

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Every student has the opportunity to do their homework in the library each night for an hour after school. Mrs Day, the librarian, is there to help with resources and a team of Learning Support Assistants are there to support the students and help them with their work. The homework club has been very well attended since the beginning for the new term.

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Lunchtime in the Library 8/9/2017

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The start of the new term has seen the library buzzing with activity. Some students have been researching using computers and books whilst others have been relaxing, reading books or challenging each other to a game of chess or Uno.

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Verity Glass visits Portchester Community School

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VERITY GLASS Verity Glass is a famous illustrator and has worked on many graphic novels, Dr Who books and book covers including Green Eyes by Travis Kopp. Verity joined 30 students in the library for lunch today and answered questions and talked enthusiastically about her work. The students tucked into a buffet lunch and eagerly asked questions and joined in with discussions. All the students enjoyed the session and were disappointed when the bell rang.

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Visit by Pre-school Children 9/5/17

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The library was a hive of excitement today when the Pre-School children joined a year 9 English class. Books were eagerly chosen from the ‘younger readers’ section and all the year 9 students read stories and engaged the younger children with reading activities and one group even put puzzles together of Thomas the Tank Engine and friends! After such a successful and enjoyable session, we plan to have the children over in the library on a regular basis.

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Year 10 Reading Group Meeting 6/4/17

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A very interesting meeting took place in the library between members of the Year 10 Reading group. Mackenzie Franklin talked out how very good the book ‘Geek Girl’ by Holly Smale was and how much she had enjoyed it. Isobel Haly had read ’13 Reasons Why’ by Jane Asher. She said it was ‘an amazing eye opening and thrilling experience’. Isobel would highly recommend this book. We also discussed George Orwell’s 1948 book which Mrs Buckingham is reading. This was recommended to her by a year 11 student. Mrs Day is reading ‘Velvet’ by Mary Hooper which is an historical novel.

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Lunchtime in the Library 22/3/17

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Lunchtime is a very busy time in the library. Today there were 48 students at any one time, all engaged in some kind of activity. Some were working on homework, whilst others were playing Risk, Uno or chess. A group of girls were reading and another group were just chilling out.

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Lunchtime in the Library 8/3/17

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Every evening after school the library is buzzing with students eager to do their homework. With the help of Learning Support Assistants they are encouraged to work on their homework or revise for exams. Mrs Day, the Librarian, is on hand to help with any resources needed, or to help students to find a good book to read. All students are welcome and many prefer to complete homework tasks with the support of staff. This allows them to have their evenings free when they get home.

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Lunchtime in the Library 28/2/17

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Another very busy lunchtime in the library today! Students enjoyed their break by challenging each other to a game of cards, Battleships and Risk. Whilst these students were interacting and having fun playing games, others were socialising, relaxing or catching up with their homework.

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Student Voice Meeting 16th February 2017

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Student Voice Meeting - 16th February 2017. The Student Voice met at lunchtime today. They are a group of year 8 students who are very enthusiastic about the Library and making it a welcoming environment for all students to use. We discussed the possibility of re-arranging the fiction section. They thought it would be nice to arrange the books into colours, so that all the blue books went together, yellow books etc. We then discussed genre and they agreed that it would be good to have all the fiction books arranged in genre, create new signage and a chart showing the layout. They also discussed including the pre-school and nursery children in the school library and making a section of books available to them. The Student Voice group expressed interest in helping the younger children choose books and to read to them.

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Lunchtime in the Library 16/2/17

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Lunchtime in the Library - 16th February 2017 Today was busy as usual in the library. Not only did we have a meeting with the year 8 Student Voice group, we had lots of other students completing homework, playing board games or just relaxing.

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Student Voice

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A group of year 8 students are a very enthusiastic 'Student Voice' group. They met in the library to discuss how they would like the library to develop. The group liked the fact that the library has board games and suggested some new ones that they would like us to purchase, including Monopoly. We chatted about decorating the walls and how Mr Woolrich was working with some students to produce posters and displays. Mrs Day and Mrs Buckingham were delighted with the suggestions the group put forward.

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Activities in the Library 9th January 2017

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Every nook and cranny was being used today during the lunch break in the library. Students from across all years were either doing homework, research, reading, playing board games or just chilling out! Students enjoy the wide range of resources available to them and take advantage of the welcoming atmosphere that the library offers.

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Lunchtime Activities and Scholastic Book Fayre

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The library is a buzz of activity every lunchtime with students eager to play board games, read books, do homework or just sit and chill out. This week there has also been a Scholastic Book Fayre where everything was half price!

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At the Sign of the Sugared Plum

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Year 7 students will be studying a book by Mary Hooper, called 'At The Sign of the Sugared Plum'. The story is set during the Plague in London in 1665 and to support the English department and students, there is a display of books in the library covering this era.

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Reading Group Meeting in the LRC

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Harry Hooper, Rebekah Richer, Harry Findley, Mackenzie Franklin and Isobel Haly are coming together as a reading group which will meet at least once every half term in the library to discuss books they have read. Other students will be encouraged to join the group and promote reading, especially focusing on the older reading selection of books which we have in the LRC. The aim is to promote the enjoyment of reading amongst our older students and to introduce them to books and authors they may not have considered reading before.

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Technology Display in the LRC

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Mr Woolrich, our subject leader in technology, has been working with some very artistic students to produce wonderful work which will transform the library walls. There is still a long way to go, but the difference it has made so far is incredible. The first display features time. Quotes from Alice in Wonderland features heavily, including 'The White Rabbit'! There are plans to include Charles Dickens and his works on one wall and superheroes on another wall.

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More Activities in the LRC

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The library is enjoyed by students every morning break and lunch break. Some students take advantage and do their homework, whilst others enjoy a game of chess or a game of cards. Reading and 'chilling' out on the beanbags is also very popular. Mrs Day, Mrs Elliott are there to help and Mrs Iredale often comes along to challenge the students to a board game or cards.

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Homework Club

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Every evening until 4.15 the library is buzzing with students doing their homework. Mrs Callacher and Miss McFarlane are on hand to help. All students are welcome to take advantage of the resources available. Mrs Day, the librarian, is also there until 4pm each day to help students access and borrow library resources.

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Open Evening

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These photos show the library ready for open evening, including the new Guinness Book of Records 2017

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Hampshire 'Mock' Book Award

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School Library Service

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Hampshire Book Award 2016 - Voting

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More Lunchtime Activities

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'YOU' Decide!

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Harry Potter in the LRC

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May the Fourth be with you

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Scholastic Book Fayre

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Activities in the LRC

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Lunchtime Activities in the LRC

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Students enjoying a range of different board games as well as reading during their lunch break

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