Key Stage 4

Portchester Community School has adopted a condensed Key Stage 3. We believe that this gives students the best opportunity to succeed where it really matters, at the end of their school careers in their GCSEs and other qualifications taken at the end of Key Stage 4.

In Key Stage 4 all students are required to study the following subjects:

English, Mathematics, Science, Citizenship, Core PE and Core RE.

Subject areas have planned a variety of different pathways and courses for students to consider, catering for different abilities and interests. A huge variety of options is on offer including:

Dance BTEC and GCSE, Drama BTEC and GCSE, French, German, Spanish, Textiles, Electronics, Catering, Resistant Materials, Art and Design, Graphics, Health and Social Care, Music, Media Studies, History, Computing, Geography, Religious Studies and Physical Education BTEC and GCSE.  

Students are given ample guidance in making the appropriate choices and parents / carers are involved at every stage of the process.

PCS also has an excellent record with its Work Related Learning College courses with a 100% completion and pass rate over the last two years. Students are recommended for courses at Fareham College at both Level 1  in Hairdressing, Construction and Motor Vehicle Maintenance among a number of options, and Level 2  in subjects as diverse as PE and Photography.