Hampshire Book Award 2016 Voting

Wednesday 29th June a crucial day for the Hampshire Book Award shortlisted entries.  This year there was a very good variety of books. 

The Short list comprised of:

Smart by Kim Slater

Apple and Rain by Sarah Crossan

Winterkill by Kate A Boorman

Devil you Know by Cathy Macphail

The Boundless by Kenneth Oppel

Looking at the Starts by Jo Cotterill

Year 8 students from all around Hampshire had 3 months to read the 6 books. 

Eleven students from Portchester took part with great enthusiasm, and meetings were held during the 3 months so that the students could discuss the nominations.  The morning of the voting was then suddenly upon them and off they went with Mrs Day and Mrs Buckingham to Bridgemary School to meet up with other schools from the Hampshire area, and to make that all important decision....Who Will Win?

After a hearty discussion amongst the students, they all enjoyed refreshments followed by a quiz.  The votes were sent off to the School Library Service Head Office who counted them all from around the whole region.  At 11.30 the winner was announced.......

The book was a popular winner amongst the students.  It had previously be nominated for the Carnegie Medal and shortlisted for the UKLA Award. (United Kingdom Literacy Award).  The story is about 2 sisters in a worn torn country who end up in a refugee camp. The story is full of sadness and despair although hope is kept alive throughout.

Copies of all the nominated books, including the winning book, can be borrowed from the school library.