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Geography at Portchester offers pupils the chance to delve deeper into the fascinating and amazing world in which we live.  Pupils will explore a variety of cultures, landscapes and places. In Geography we equip pupils with an extensive toolkit to enable them to interpret maps, photographs, data, graphs and satellite images.

Fieldwork is an integral part of this subject and gives pupils the opportunity to experience “real Geography”.  We are currently developing a number of fieldwork opportunities to ensure every year group gets out and about to experience Geography first-hand.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 we explore a wide range of issues that affect the world we live in today.  We do this by exploring a range of topical geographical questions. In these topics we use examples from all over the world with a focus on The UK, Africa, Asia, The Middle East and Russia. 

  • Why does our weather vary?
  • How are we all connected?
  • Can the UK cope with an expanding population?
  • Africa – Under pressure or on the rise?
  • Can we ever control river flooding and coastal erosion?
  • Why is aid still needed?
  • How has our atmosphere influenced life on earth and how is it changing?
  • How is ice shaping our landscape?
  • Did the world used to be just one continent?
  • Who will win the race to become the next global superpower?
  • Are there enough resources for everyone?

Key Stage 4

In Geography at Key Stage 4 we follow the AQA syllabus.

Main topics studied:

Physical Geography:

  • Tectonic hazards
  • Weather hazards
  • Climate change
  • Rainforests
  • Cold environments
  • Coastal landscapes
  • River landscapes 
 Human Geography:
  • The urban world
  • Urban change in the UK
  • Sustainable urban development
  • The development gap
  • Newly emerging economies
  • The changing UK economy
  • Resource management

At the end of Year 10 pupils undertake 2 Fieldwork studies off site to prepare for the final assessment, which is now entirely examination based and will assess cartographic skills, graphical skills and statistical skills.

 Teaching Staff 

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Mrs A Mardlin

Leader of Humanities, Geography and History Teacher


Mrs J McMaster

Assistant Headteacher, Geography Teacher


Miss R Meaney

Geography Teacher r.meaney

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